pronounced "Bhu-ruth-uh-naat-yum  Uh-run-gay-thrum

Arangetram photoshoo Ishika Muchhal

Bharatanatyam is an internationally acclaimed Indian classical dance originating from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, dating back almost 2000 years.


Bharatanatyam is noted for its intricate footwork and stylized storytelling using gestures of the hands, eyes, and face muscles. It is a blend of:

  1. Nritta (pure dance)

  2. Nritya (expressive dance) 

  3. Natya (dramatic aspects of dance) 


The flexibility of the Bharatanatyam framework allows it to serve as an interpretive narration of Hindu mythology, spirituality, & contemporary ideas.


Arangetram (“ascending to the stage”) is the first full-length, professional debut performance announcing the dancer’s ability to dance a full margam (repertoire) with its different facets of nritta, nritya, and natya.

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Select pieces recorded from my Arangetram in August 2018


I was deeply impressed with Ishika's artistry and the mastery of her craft.  I wish I could have captured the positive energy in the auditorium that evening and focused it on a special target--world peace, perhaps.  What a gift she is to the world!

                                                           ~ Steve Baker, Monrovia City Historian & Treasurer


I am so blessed to have experienced this young woman’s Arangetram. I was moved to tears by her performance, and by the show of love and support by everyone in attendance.

                                                                       ~ Angela Estela Moore, actor, director, writer

It was a superb performance and a wonderful community event. I loved being there and was honored to be invited.

      ~ Patrick Garcia, Director of Performing Arts Monrovia Unified School District, dancer

I truly enjoyed the Arangetram of Ishika Muchhal. The level of talent is amazing. 

                                                       ~ Thomas (Tom) E. Adams, Mayor – City of Monrovia


Great job! So proud to see your hard work and great spirit come together for a fantastic show.

                                                                              ~ Ed Gililland, MUSD School Board Vice-President


We are speechless! What an incredible performance by Ishika. I'm still mind blown. 
                                               ~ Rouzanna Berberian, photographer, artist, and educator

It was a spectacular & elegant performance by Ishika. Could see her years of hard work & dedication. Beautiful & poised. 
                                                                                                            ~ Shraddha Khandelwal

Amazing and spiritual experience at Ishika's Arangetram this afternoon and evening of Bharatanatyam dance. Proud to have watched Ishika grow from an inquisitive 6-year-old to an accomplished young woman.
                     ~ Jane Houston Jones, astronomer and senior outreach specialist, NASA

Mesmerizing to attend my first Arangetram performance...! The dedication, skill and more than a decade’s preparation was visible and touched every member in the audience. God bless her and wishing her a bright future!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~ Kaushlendra Misra

Arangetram photoshoo Ishika Muchhal

Words cannot express how much I appreciated you allowing me to share in this beautiful tradition and day. Ishika’s performance was breathtaking and I loved being able to learn and experience your culture. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ~ Julie Casciani, XENCOR